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The Ford Mustang is a series of muscle cars affectionately dubbed 'The Pony Car'. This page displays Ford Mustang news, pictures, videos, reviews, gossip, and more. ... Two-Tire Stop May Have Cost No. 4 Nascar Ford Win At New Hampshire 2022: Video ... Join others in discussing Ford and Lincoln in our Ford and Lincoln Forums and browse.

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Feb 16, 2011. #5. I use the Kumho tires. Drives mostly on highways and city streets, but still needs off-road capability on soft turf, packed sand and light gravel. Based on the their product info. These tires also earns the Severe Snow mark, certifying snow traction performance equivalent to a "dedicated" snow traction tire.

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Installed my new to me PP1 wheels and tires on my 2022 today... also just broke 1,000 miles on it!.

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Kumho used to make the XS, a 160 treadwear tire that performance enthusiasts loved, especially on Cobra replicas. Kumho basically left the game a few years ago when they promised a replacement for the XS and then never developed the sizes needed. Nitto has since cornered the market with the 555 G2, NT05, and NT01 tires.

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3 Posts. #3 · May 4, 2022. lukepartridge said: You won't get much more tire on the fronts. Probably squeeze 255's on the front, but really you ought to put 9" rims on the front. The car will handle much better with a square setup, but if it's purely about looks, then shouldn't matter.

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So for example, let's take the rear tire on my 2017 Mustang GT with Performance Pack. The rear tires are 275/40R19. The formula to figure the nominal circumference of that tire size is ( ( 275 * 40 * 0.02) + ( 19 * 25.4) ) * Pi which gets you 2207mm rounded off. Multiply that by the conversion factor of 96.7% and you get 2134mm rounded off.

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13 Posts. Discussion Starter · #9 · Nov 16, 2009. wrr1020 said: I've heard the Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec have a really sticky compound and can be used as a daily driver tire. i checked those out and it seemed like people were giving them rave reviews as a performance tire. Theyre really cheap too. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 29, 2005. I think they are a subdivision of Cooper Tires. Anybody heard anything about them? Tried them on his car? Thanks! 1994 GT Convertible. Mustang Shop Referral List.

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3 Posts. #3 · May 4, 2022. lukepartridge said: You won't get much more tire on the fronts. Probably squeeze 255's on the front, but really you ought to put 9" rims on the front. The car will handle much better with a square setup, but if it's purely about looks, then shouldn't matter.

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